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Coach Joe Scott Answers Questions on State of Basketball
Courtesy: Denver Athletics  
Release: 10/11/2012

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The University of Denver Men's Basketball team officially kicks-off the 2012-13 season tomorrow with practice starting at 5 pm in Hamilton Gymnasium. The team is coming off a 22-9 season and looks to build on that momentum. As the year begins Coach Joe Scott took some time to answer some questions on the state of basketball from his perspective.

Q&A with Coach Scott:

How has basketball changed in the recent years?

  • The emphasis is on playing games; everything is a game. Kids today, they go and they play three games in a day at an AAU tournament and come back and do it again the next day. That's what they perceive playing basketball to be, putting on a uniform, having two refs and going indoors into a gym - that's playing basketball. Unfortunately, being a good basketball player requires practicing.

                What advice would you give kids who want to play in college?

  • What you have to understand as a player is that playing basketball is getting into the gym on your own. It's not wearing a uniform, not having people there clapping and cheering for you because there is a game going on, not having referees around. It's just you getting in the gym because you love the game and you want to get better and you're working on your game. If a player consistently does that and has some ability to play the game at a high level, an opportunity to play in college becomes much more plausible.

                What changes have you seen made in the way sports are perceived today?

  • Sports became so popular in this country because of the way they were used to teach kids about life. They weren't important so you could get a scholarship. They weren't important so that after you scored a basket you could bang your chest. They weren't important so that after you scored a touchdown you could do a touchdown dance, or hit a home run and walk around the bases and make it be about you. Sports were important because they taught you about life lessons. They became so popular in our culture because of that and now it seems like that's not what's emphasized anymore.

                How have you adjusted to these changes?

  • We try to make it still be about life lessons because ultimately, everyone always says it, you're going to stop playing sports one day. Everybody's athletic mortality comes at different times, and for the majority of people it's high school. So now, what can you learn from having competed and played so that when you keep going on in life you use those lessons wherever you are? That's really what we try to get out of it. And we do it with our own teams so that when they graduate they are ready for life, they are ready to be good, they know what they have to do to make themselves be successful.

                What are you looking forward to most about this season?

  • I'm really looking forward to working with this group of guys as we have a veteran team with a youthful, fresh feel. There is an energetic vibe going. We as a staff have changed some ways that we coach and play and there is an excitement about what this team and program can do.

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