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2201 East Asbury Ave.
Denver, CO 80208

Main Numbers  
Athletic Main Line  303-871-2275
Coors Fitness Center  303-871-3845
CU Sports Medicine  720-848-8200
Facility Scheduling  303-871-7577
Heckman Pioneer Gift Shop 303-871-7577
Joy Burns Arena  303-871-3904
PASS Camp/School Days Off (Jon Bullard) 303-871-3908
Ritchie Center Box Office  303-871-2336
Stapleton Tennis Center  303-871-2512
Training Room  303-871-3917
University Health Center  303-871-2205
Pat Bowlen Training Center   303-871-7411


Fax Numbers  
Recreation  303-871-4950
4th Floor North (Marketing, Media Relations, Hockey, Women's Basketball)  303-871-3890
4th Floor South (Men's Basketball, Swimming, Golf)  303-871-3759
4th Floor West (Athletic Administration)  303-871-3040
3rd Floor West (Men/Women's Soccer, Men/Women's Lacrosse, Student Athlete Support Services)  303-871-2800
Joy Burns Arena  303-871-2261
Maintenance  303-871-2760
Sodexho-Marriott  303-871-2695
Stapleton Tennis Center  303-871-3453
Intellectual Property and Events  303-871-4638


Name  Position  Number


Athletic Administration
Peg Bradley-Doppes  Vice Chancellor for Athletics and Recreation and RC Operations  303-871-3399      
Ron Grahame  Associate Vice Chancellor for Sport Supervision and Internal Operations 303-871-3892      
Stu Halsall  Associate Vice Chancellor for Recreation and Ritchie Center Operations 303-871-3058      
Bob Willis Assistant Vice Chancellor for External Operations 303-871-4966      
Dan VanAckeren Senior Associate Athletic Director/Chief Financial Officer 303-871-4224      
Jeff Howard Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations 303-871-7893      
Diane Wendt Director of Strategic Partnerships & Corporate Relations 303-871-3913      
Pam Wettig Senior Associate AD 303-871-4045      
Cindi Nagai Associate AD for Diversity/SASS/Community Relations/SWA 303-871-4532      
Nancy Sampson Faculty Representative 303-871-2195      
Lisa Bridges Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor 303-871-4048      
Men's Basketball 
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Joe Scott  Men's Basketball Head Coach 303-871-6583      
Mike McKee  Men's Basketball Associate Head Coach 303-871-3293      
John Fitzgerald  Men's Basketball Assistant Coach 303-871- 4781  Follow Coach Waner on Twitter    
A.J. Kuhle  Men's Basketball Assistant Coach 303-871-3391      
Jon Jordan Director of Men's Basketball Operations 303-871-3392      
Jeanie O'Kane Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3319      
Women's Basketball
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Kerry Cremeans Women's Basketball Head Coach 303-871-3926

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Seth Kushkin Women's Basketball Assistant Coach 303-871-4714      
Ashley Langford Women's Basketball Assistant Coach (Recruiting Coordinator) 303-871-3967

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TBA Women's Basketball  Assistant Coach 303-871-4786

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Wes Kitchens Director of Basketball Operations 303-871-4793      
Katie Robertson Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3397      
Budget and Finance
Dan VanAckeren Senior Associate Athletic Director/Chief Financial Officer 303-871-4224      
Nicky Bruckhart Business Office Manager  303-871-4241      
Leandra Martinez Director of Finance 303-871-4076      
Amy Nagy Financial Analyst 303-871-3863      
Compliance and Student-Athlete Support Services
Cynthia Rail Associate AD for Compliance and Student-Athlete Support Services 303-871-4637      
Cindi Nagai Associate AD for Diversity/SASS/Community Relations 303-871-4532      
David Kummer Assistant Director for Student-Athlete Support Services 303-871-2827      
Brian Carey Assistant Director of Compliance 303-871-3398      
Denver Sports Properties
Brad Ferrell General Manager 303-871-3296      
Jon Boos Director for Corporate Sponsorships 303-871-4467      
Brett Brown Account Executive 303-871-4017      
Ryan Peck Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development/Major Gifts 303-871-2785

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Beth Kuwata Assistant Athletic Director 303-871-3944      
Ryan Lowe Director of Development 303-871-3720      
Marianne Leiby Administrative Assistant for External Operations 303-871-2388      
Equipment Room
Mike DePaola Athletics Equipment Manager  303-871-3282      
Nick Meldrum Director of Equipment Room Operations 303-871-3903      
Rickie Mick Associate Director of Equipment Room Operations 303-871-3282       
Facilities Management and Maintenance
Allan Wilson Director of Building Services - Dept. of Facilities Management  303-871-2039      
Tim Rehm Facilities Operation Manager 303-871-4946      
Jim McComas Ritchie Center Turf Manager  303-871-4772      
Carl Brockwell Ritchie Center Maintenance Manager and HVAC  303-871-4611      
Ken Parish Conversion Manager 303-871-3298      
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Melissa Kutcher-Rinehart Women's Gymnastics Head Coach 303-871-3395      
Carl Leland Women's Gymnastics Assistant Coach 303-871-4430      
Linas Gaveika Women's Gymnastics Assistant Coach 303-871-4658      
Jeanie O'Kane Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3319      
Men's Golf
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Eric Hoos Men's Golf Head Coach 303-871-4915      
Ben Belfield Men's Golf Assistant Coach 303-871-4584      
Jeanie O'Kane Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3319      
Women's Golf
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Lindsay Kuhle (Hulwick) Women's Golf Head Coach 303-871-7461  Follow Ryan Peck on Twitter    
Erik Billinger Women's Golf Associate Head Coach 303-871-7569  Follow Ryan Peck on Twitter    
Jeanie O'Kane Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3319      
Highlands Ranch Golf Club
Andy Benson Director of Golf / Head Golf Pro 303-871-7760      
James Clifford Equipment Manager 303-871-7761      
Paul Dugan Director of Food and Beverage 303-871-7762      
Scott Hallam Golf Course Superintendent 303-871-7761      
Mark McMcarthy Assistant Golf Professional 303-871-7760      
Karyn Schaupeter Director of Operations / Controller 303-871-7763      
Rusan Schulz Director of Membership / Tournament Sales 303-871-7760      
Jaime Sniffin Assistant Golf Professional 303-871-7760      
Brandon Wollesen Assistant Golf Course Superintendent 303-871-7761      
Men's Ice Hockey
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Jim Montgomery Men's Hockey Head Coach 303-871-3844


David Carle Men's Hockey Assistant Coach 303-871-3815      
David Lassonde Men's Hockey Assistant Coach 303-871-3742      
David Tenzer Director of Hockey Operations 303-871-4597      
TBA Volunteer Assistant Coach 303-871-7562      
Katie Robertson Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3397      
Men's Lacrosse
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Bill Tierney Men's Lacrosse Head Coach 303-871-3531  Follow Denver Lacrosse On Twitter    
Matt Brown Men's Lacrosse Associate Coach 303-871-4347  Follow Denver Lacrosse On Twitter    
Dylan Sheridan Men's Lacrosse Assistant Coach 303-871-3732      
Frank Abruzzini Volunteer Assistant Coach        
Brianne Tierney Director of Lacrosse Operations        
Katie Robertson Sports Programs Assistant 303-871-3397      
Women's Lacrosse
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Liza Kelly Women's Lacrosse Head Coach 303-871-4703      
Lauren Benner Women's Lacrosse Associate Coach 303-871-3621      
Matt Lawicki Women's Lacrosse Assistant Coach 303-871-2351      
Katie Robertson Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3397      
Angel Field

Assistant Athletic Director for Strategic Partnerships

Alie Koch

Director of Recreation/Events Marketing and Development

Media Relations
Nicole (Dupes) Bostel  Director of Media Relations (women's soccer, volleyball, women's basketball, men's lacrosse, gymnastics, women's golf, men's golf) 303-871-4990

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Mike Kennedy Associate Director of Media Relations (men's soccer, skiing, men's basketball, women's lacrosse) 303-871-7555

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Randy Press Associate Director of Media Relations (hockey, men's tennis, women's tennis, swimming and diving) 303-871-2390

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Jordan Simkins Media Relations Intern (women's soccer, gymnastics, men's lacrosse) 303-871-4990


Catherine Hausler Media Relations Intern (swimming and diving, women's tennis, men's tennis) 303-871-2390      
Ryan Syrkus Media Relations Intern (men's soccer, skiing, men's basketball, women's lacrosse) 303-871-7555      
Erik Carr Social Media Intern 303-871-4990      
Ritchie Center Events and Operations
Ruth Brown Associate Director of Internal Operations 303-871-4694      
Chad McCallum Director of Ritchie Center Events  303-871-3821      
Megan Kelly Assistant Director of Ritchie Center Events 303-871-3854      
Kristina Norton Retail / Facility Scheduling Manager 303-871-7577      
TBA Business Operations Manager 303-871-4797      
Toni Dietz Commercial Events Assistant 303-871-4731      
Ritchie Center Programming
Carin Orr Director of Ritchie Center Programming 303-871-7689      
Dan Wahl Assistant Director of Ritchie Center Programming 303-871-3396      
Shawn Reid Manager of Youth Hockey Operations 303-871-3383      
Jon Bullard Youth Activities Manager 303-871-3908      
Shawn Smith Hilltoppers Swim Coach 303-871-4484      
Scott Farina Student Programs Manager 303-871-3912      
Michael Simon Director of Youth Gymnastics 303-871-4042      
Kristin Baker Youth Gymnastics Operations Manager 303-871-4916      
Ritchie Center Sales and Service
Tiffany Ulatowski Director of Ritchie Center Sales and Service 303-871-7684      
TBA Customer Services Manager 303-871-7005      
TBA Customer Services Manager 303-871-7006      
Brock Anundson Customer Services Manager 303-871-3845      
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Andy LeRoy Director of Skiing Operations  303-871-3822      
David Stewart Nordic Skiing Head Coach 303-871-4935      
Tyler Shepherd
Alpine Skiing Assistant Coach 303-871-7945      
Hakon Johansen Nordic Skiing Assistant Coach 303-871-3182      
Jeanie O'Kane Sport Programs Assistant  303-871-3319      
Men's Soccer
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Bobby Muuss Men's Soccer Head Coach 303-871-4945      
Ryan Hopkins Men's Soccer Assistant Coach 303-871-3923      
Jamie Franks Men's Soccer Assistant Coach 303-871-4967      
Mike Freitag Men's Soccer Volunteer Coach        
Collin Audley Director of Men's Soccer Operations 303-871-4967      
Katie Robertson Sports Programs Assistant 303-871-3397      
Women's Soccer
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Jeff Hooker Women's Soccer Head Coach 303-871-3154      
Kris Peat Women's Soccer Associate Head Coach 303-871-7559      
Katie Hooker Women's Soccer Assistant Coach 303-871-4181      
Katie Robertson Sports Programs Assistant 303-871-3397      
Sports Medicine
Julie Campbell Director of Sports Medicine 303-871-3918      
Aaron Leu Associate Athletic Trainer 303-871-3649      
Pat Hoxsey Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-871-4855      
Becky Ball Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-871-2567      
Josie White Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-871-4583      
Katie Forsyth Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-871-2225      
Strength and Conditioning
Kathryn Whartenby Director of Strength & Conditioning 303-871-7411      
Ian Lockwood Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach 303-871-7984      
Matt Shaw Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach 303-871-3887      
Swimming and Diving
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Brian Schrader M/W Swimming Head Coach 303-871-3906      
Alicia Franklin M/W Swimming Associate Head Coach 303-871-4655      
Tyson Hurst M/W Swimming Assistant Coach 303-871-7889      
Michael Hulme M/W Swimming Assistant Coach        
Channing Kimball Diving Head Coach 303-871-3921      
Jeanie O'Kane Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3319      
Technical Services & Technology
Debbie Welke Assistant Athletic Director for Technical Services 303-871-2690      
Ed Henderson Associate Director of Technical Services 303-871-7528      
Jon Aderhold Information Systems and Database Manager 303-871-2003      
Mitch Hyder Webcasting Coordinator / Announcer 303-871-3942      
Joseph Moreno Webcasting Production Technician 303-871-3094      
Gregory Jackson Production Technician 303-871-4590      
Brittany Evans Web Services Manager 303-871-3829      
Brad Thompson Production Assistant 303-871-3094      
Men's Tennis
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Danny Westerman Men's Tennis Head Coach 303-871-2512      
Jeremy Feldman Men's Tennis Assistant Coach 303-871-3756      
Jeanie O'Kane Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3319      
Women's Tennis
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Christian Thompson Women's Tennis Head Coach 303-871-7425      
David Lowenthal Women's Tennis Assistant Coach 303-871-7425      
Jeanie O'Kane Sport Programs Assistant  303-871-3319       
Ticket Sales and Box Office Operation
Dan Wesolowski Director of Ticket Sales & Operations 303-871-3682      
Adam Sizemore Associate Director of Ticket Sales & Social Media

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Nick Staehler Associate Director of Box Office Operations 303-871-7426      
Mark Dygert Sales Associate 303-871-7434      
Matt Kramer Ticket Sales Manager 303-871-7460      
Cameron Boyer Ticket Sales & Box Office Manager 303-871-3573      
Women's Volleyball
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Jesse Mahoney Women's Volleyball Head Coach 303-871-4874      
Thomas Hogan Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach 303-871-3889      
Katelin Batten Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach 303-871-2326      
Jeanie O'Kane Sport Programs Assistant 303-871-3319       

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