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Student-Athlete Alumni Challenge

2017-18 YTD

(Updated April 1)
Men's Basketball 3%
Women's Basketball 1%
Men's Golf 26%
Women's Golf 60%
Gymnastics 3%
Hockey 4%
Men's Lacrosse 5%
Women's Lacrosse 2%
Skiing 6%
Men's Soccer 3%
Women's Soccer 5%
Swimming/Diving 6%
Men's Tennis 2%
Women's Tennis 4%
Volleyball 10%

(Updated July 2017)
Men's Basketball 4%
Women's Basketball 5%
Men's Golf 10%
Women's Golf 13%
Gymnastics 5%
Hockey 4%
Men's Lacrosse 10%
Women's Lacrosse 5%
Skiing 7%
Men's Soccer 8%
Women's Soccer 6%
Swimming/Diving 4%
Men's Tennis 1%
Women's Tennis 4%
Volleyball 18%

NEW FOR 2017-18

The goal of the Alumni Giving Challenge is to increase student-athlete alumni participation in Denver Athletics' annual fund. On top of obtaining much needed resources and reengaging our alumni in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Denver Athletics, one of our teams will take home an additional $10,000 through the generosity of an anonymous donor!

How It Works

This Challenge will measure annual alumni participation from July 1, 2017, through May 30, 2018. We're going to rank each team by the percentage of former student-athletes who have given $25 or more to their respective program and through increase in participation from the previous year. If you have already made a gift to your program this year, thank you very much! You are already counted, and now we just need you to get your teammates involved.

Who is Involved

This Challenge is directed to all former student-athletes of Denver's varsity sport programs. Your gift counts the same whether you were a walk-on or a four-year starter, and whether you give $25,000 or $25. (Of course, we hope you'll give as generously as you can!)

What's at Stake

Additional support of $10,000 for your program and the opportunity to show every other team and the University community which alumni have the most pride and investment in the future of Denver Athletics.

The Basic Details

  • Overall, 12% of former letter-winners give back to the University in some way, well over the national average! The purpose of this competition is program-specific alumni support. We urge you to continue to support where you already give, but we ask you to consider giving to the Annual Fund of the sport you represented as a student-athlete.
  • Teams are awarded points based upon percentage of participation and increase from the previous year. While DU has 17 varsity sports, there are 15 annual funds. (Skiing and Swimming & Diving programs are combined for the purposes of this competition.)
    • The team with the most participation will receive 15 points, second 14 points and so on.
    • The team with the largest increase in participation will receive 15 points, second 14 points and so on.
    • In the event of a tie, the team with largest increase in participation wins.
  • Only gifts made by former student-athletes to their respective sport's annual fund will be counted. Gifts to endowed funds, capital projects, premium seating or via corporate sponsorship are not counted in this challenge. Student-athlete alumni from historical programs are encouraged to give to the Athletics Excellence Fund, where their gifts will be allocated where they are most needed to support the success of our current student-athletes, but they will not be counted towards the challenge.
  • Multi-sport athletes must support each of their sports to receive credit for each.
  • We will update the standings monthly and post on our website.
  • Denver is always improving its historical records, which may cause a shift in the number of participants measured during the course of this challenge. A secondary goal of this challenge is to clean up our historical participation records and update email contact information. If you know of a teammate who is not receiving emails about this Challenge, please email

Already Made a Gift This Year*?

Thank you. You are one of the many former student-athletes who have already given back to their teams and your support is reflected in the leader board below.

*Giving for this academic year counts since July 1, 2017.

Haven't Made Your Gift Yet?

This challenge is for you! And you can move the needle for your program by making a gift today. We hope you'll give as generously as you can, but in this challenge, a $25 gift will carry as much weight as a $25,000 gift.

Who's Winning?

Teams are awarded points based upon percentage of participation and participation increase from the previous year. The current standings are representative of every former athlete who has supported his or her former team's Annual Fund beginning July 1, 2017. These standings are updated monthly.

How to Make a Gift

  • Online
  • Checks, payable to University of Denver, with the Sport Annual Fund you wish to support written in the Memo Line, can be mailed to:
    Athletics Development Office
    Attn: Kaley Rickert
    2201 E. Asbury Avenue
    Denver, CO 80208
For information on transferring securities or to make a gift by phone, please call, 303-871-2388 during business hours.


Please contact us at or call 303-871-2388.

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