University of Denver Athletics & Recreation Donation Request Form

Thank you for contacting the Division of Athletics & Recreation at the University of Denver. We appreciate the invitation to be a part of your event. Please be aware that submissions for donations are reviewed on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

If you would like to request an auction item, please answer the following questions.

Are you a high school-aged individual (Grades 9-12) or does this request involve a high school organization, high school fund raising event, or high school-aged individuals?


*** Based on the information you provided, we cannot assist you with your request due to NCAA rules.

NCAA rules dictate that the University of Denver is not permitted to:

  • Offer, provide or arrange financial assistance, directly or indirectly, to pay the costs of a prospect's post-high school education;
  • Provide funding, directly or indirectly or through paid advertisements, to benefit a high school or its athletics program. This includes any team or organization that includes or supports prospect-aged students (Grades 9-12); or
  • Provide athletic equipment to a high school.

In addition, it is not permissible for a commercial agency, business or personal entity to use the name, picture, appearance or autograph of a student-athlete to advertise, promote or benefit its own self-interests.

We hope you understand our obligation and commitment to abide by NCAA rules and regulations. Complying with these rules will ensure that our student-athletes remain eligible for intercollegiate competition. Failure to comply with NCAA rules places the University of Denver Athletic Department in violation of NCAA rules, and jeopardizes our institution's good standing within the organization.

Thank you for your understanding, and please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or concerns, or would like more clarification on applicable NCAA rules.

University of Denver
Office of Athletic Compliance
(303) 871-4637 or (303) 871-3398

Is this request for a charitable organization or charitable event or auction?

Thank you for your interest in University of Denver Athletics & Recreation and a possible donation. In order for our Donations Committee to better understand the nature of your request, please answer the following questions. Your request will then be reviewed and you will be notified whether you qualify for tickets or item(s) in which you are interested.

If you wish to purchase the item(s) immediately, you may do so at or visit our Pioneer Store located in the Coors Fitness Center on the south side of the Ritchie Center.


Name of Organization

Point of Contact Name

Type of Organization
Charitable Organization or Educational Agency
Non-Profit Organization
DU Organization, fraternity, sorority, student government, etc.
NCAA Institution

If answered "Other", please describe:

E-Mail Address

Phone Number





Reason or nature of your request:

Tickets or items you are requesting:

Is this event/project for fundraising purposes:

Proceeds from the event/project will be used for:

Information (e.g. flyer, brochure, news article, etc.) about the event is being e-mailed to

Will high school-aged students (9th-12th grades) benefit:

Date needed by:

NCAA guidelines require that the following conditions be met in regards to institutional memorabilia and autographs: 1. The requested item may not be used in fundraising events for any high school organization, high school fundraising event that will benefit a charity or educational project or any high school or prospect-aged individual. High school is defined as grades nine through twelve. 2. All monies derived from the promotions activity or project must go directly to the charity, non-profit agency or educational institution listed above. 3. The requested item involving student-athlete's names may not involve co-sponsorship, advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency other than the company's logo or trademark on printed materials. 4. An authorized representative of the agency must sign a waiver agreeing to adhere to all NCAA guidelines regarding this request. 5. Use of the memorabilia item must have written approval from the Athletic Compliance Office. 6. Memorabilia may not be re-sold for any purpose without Athletic Compliance Office approval. By clicking submit, I confirm my knowledge of the NCAA rules and regulations pertaining to this request and agree to abide by all said guidelines. I understand that the University of Denver reserves the right to request the return of the memorabilia or autographed item when guidelines are not followed.

Thank you for your request.

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