Ski Team Captain's Blog: Camping Trip in Aspen


Our annual camping trip took place this last weekend in Aspen. What does a camping trip mean for the DU ski team? It means sleeping out in the rain, under the stars, and amongst the bears. It means showering in a freezing cold river after long workouts. It means going for long bike rides that leave everyone either bruised, scratched or at the least sore. It means playing some serious round robin volleyball in the sand at Aspen. It means overindulging in tacos, burgers and brats (unless you are Dan and spill it all on the ground....just joking, Clarky). Most of all it means spending quality time with the people that make the DU ski team what it is.

We may sound like masochists but this camping trip was just amazing. Both alpine and cross country skiing teams got together to train and have fun. Our two Nordic coaches played guitar around the fire (no, it wasn't raining then), and everyone enjoyed being together just like if we were on vacation with friends. We broke in our new additions to the family and are excited to have Karley, Kate, Georgia, AJ and the man Leif (alias "Lifeguard") on our team. We also had an alumnus that couldn't stay away and it was great to have Dave Lamb there to working hard with us.

To end it, the Nordic team hiked a mountain on Sunday morning. Although it was raining during breakfast, the weather got better and we got the chance to see a wonderful rainbow. The rain doesn't only have disadvantages!

This is how the ski team gets prepared for the winter. We know to be NCAA champions requires hard practices in rude conditions and good team camaraderie! To summarize, the ski team is well-prepared and fired up for this winter. The show must go on....

By Mikey Hinckley and Annelise Bailly



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