Study Tables

The number of hours required for study tables is determined by each individual coach. All study table hours must be completed by Friday at 12:00PM. If you are gone due to competition, you are responsible for completing your hours prior to leaving. Official hours recorded by SASS will be reported to coaches on a weekly basis, however you are responsible for keeping track of your hours as well.

Options for Completing Study Table Hours

You may choose when and how to complete your hours, unless you are assigned specific times or options by your coach or the SASS staff.

1. Supervised Study Tables

Day: Monday-Wednesday 8 AM-9 PM; Thursday 8AM-5PM; Friday 8AM-12PM
Evening: Sundays- 6-9 p.m.

Location: Miller Academic Success Center, 3rd Floor Ritchie Center


  • No cell phones, meals, or tobacco during day or evening hours.
  • Only study materials should be present. Bring enough work for the entire time you plan to stay or you will be asked to leave.
  • Laptops may only be used for school-related work. No movies (unless required for class), instant messaging, or facebook/myspace.
  • Headphones may be used, but must be turned down so that others are not disturbed.
  • Be quiet and show respect for those around you. If you are caught using your cell phone (talking or texting) or creating any other disruptions, you will be asked to leave without warning. You will be required to speak with your coach before returning, and you will forfeit any hours earned in that session.
  • A maximum of 3 hours may be earned each day.
  • You must sign in for a minimum of 30 minutes or your hours will not be counted.
  • Group Projects/Meetings: All work with a group must be completed during assigned hours and locations or it will not be counted.



2. Tutoring

  • Students can request tutors  through SASS.
  • You must submit tutoring hours each week through the online supplemental form at the bottom of this page.


3. Professors, SI Instructors, and Graduate Assistants
  • Students can meet with professors, supplemental instruction leaders, graduate assistants and instructors in the writing center for assistance with academic work.
  • All hours must be submitted through the supplemental form or emails from the professor, TA/GA, or writing center. Written notes will no longer be accepted!


4. Additional academic work includes:
  • Plays, Speakers, or Outside Lectures Required for Class: Provide proof of attendance. A maximum of 2 hours per week can be earned for these events. You must submit hours through the online supplemental form. A ticket/or program will be required to receive time.
  • CHAMPS/Life Skills: Receive one hour for each event sponsored by SASS. Attendance will be taken and reported each week.

Submit your time here

**Exceptions may be granted, in advance, by SASS.**



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