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In order to be eligible to practice or compete in intercollegiate athletics, you must:
  • 1. Be officially registered as a full-time student in a minimum of 12 credit hours per quarter; and
  • 2. Maintain satisfactory progress toward a bachelor's degree as defined below.

Satisfactory Progress
The NCAA and University of Denver have created rules specifying the minimum academic requirements for competition in intercollegiate athletics. Under these standards, student-athlete progress is determined after each and every quarter student-athletes are enrolled full-time. This begins after the first quarter in attendance. In order to be eligible for competition, you must meet all four of the academic requirements noted below.

1. Minimum Credit Hours

To maintain eligibility as a student-athlete at the University of Denver, you are required to enroll in a minimum of twelve credit hours per quarter. At no time should you drop below 12 hours per quarter without first receiving approval from the Office of Student-Athlete Support Services.  Failure to follow the proper procedures for dropping courses may result in serious consequences, including (but not limited to) suspension from the team and athletic ineligibility. If you drop below the 12 hour minimum, you are no longer an eligible student-athlete and, therefore, cannot practice or compete. You may also be in jeopardy of losing athletics financial aid, and the Division of Athletics and Recreation does not bear responsibility for financing your subsequent enrollment in courses dropped.

The NCAA and University of Denver minimum credit requirements mandate you must satisfactorily complete 12 credits in each of the previous 2 quarters, or an average of 12 credits over 2 quarters, and 36 hours over 3 quarters. In the case of freshmen and transfer students, satisfactory progress toward the 24/2 requirement will not be determined until after the second quarter of attendance at the University of Denver. Furthermore, the NCAA rules require all students to satisfactorily pass at least 6 hours each quarter. Interterm or summer hours cannot be applied to the required 6 hours. Interterm credit hours are applied toward the quarter preceding the interterm (i.e., Winter Interterm courses are applied to Fall Quarter).

In the event you are forced to attend summer or interterm sessions to meet the satisfactory progress requirements specified above, you may earn no more than 25% of the credit hours required to meet satisfactory progress during non-traditional sessions.  You must earn at least 75% of the credit hours required to meet satisfactory progress during the regular academic year.

**Note:  Student-athletes must complete approximately 15 hours per quarter or 46 hours per academic year to graduate within four years. Therefore, the Department of Athletics highly encourages student-athletes to enroll in 15-16 hours per quarter to ensure four-year graduation.

2. Minimum GPA

You must maintain a GPA that places you in good standing as determined by the University of Denver.  Academic policy states all students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 to be considered in good academic standing. Falling below this point at any time, including after your first quarter of full-time enrollment at the University of Denver, indicates you are on probationary status with the University of Denver and are not eligible for athletic competition.

3. Designation of Degree Program or Major

You must officially declare a major that leads to a specific baccalaureate degree by the beginning of your third year of enrollment (seventh term). After this major has been declared, you must make progress toward completion of this degree. Prior to your third year, all courses that apply to any University degree can be utilized to meet degree progress regulations. Please coordinate with your faculty and athletics advisers to assure progress toward graduation.

4. Percentage of Degree Requirements

The NCAA outlines specific requirements related to degree progress as a means of ensuring student-athletes are progressing toward a baccalaureate degree. These parameters, know as Percentage of Degree Requirements, are tracked annually by Compliance and Student-Athlete Support Services. Student-athletes whose initial year of enrollment is prior to Fall 2003 should speak with the Compliance Office regarding their progress.
Initial Enrollment Including and Following Fall 2003
Entering the third year (seventh term) of enrollment, you must have successfully completed at least 40% of the course requirements in your specific degree program. Entering the fourth year (tenth term) of enrollment, you must have successfully completed at least 60% of the course requirements in your specific degree program. Entering the fifth year (thirteenth term) of enrollment, you must have successfully completed at least 80% of the course requirements of your specific degree program. 

All students considering a change of major following the beginning of their third year of enrollment must contact the Office of Student-Athlete Support Services to discuss how the change of major could impact their future eligibility.  Additionally, transfer students upon enrollment must consult the Office of Student-Athlete Support Services to ensure transfer courses are being appropriately articulated to meet the PTD requirements.

Date of Attaining and Losing Eligibility

Eligibility for competition is generally dependent upon your status the first day of classes of the quarter. You may become eligible in the middle of a quarter if you receive a change of grade, receive a grade for an incomplete, or complete a course offered during the interterm. If you become academically ineligible at the end of a quarter, you will be required to meet weekly with an athletics adviser to assist you in recovery and stipulate requirements related to your eligibility.



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