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In order to receive tutoring services through the Office of Student-Athlete Support Services, I agree to the following: It is my responsibility to set up and attend the appointments with my tutor. I will be prepared for tutoring with all of my work completed and will be ready to ask questions on the work I did not understand. I understand that the tutor is available to answer questions and clarify information and is NOT responsible for doing assigned work. I will schedule my appointments in public places, such as the library, a residence hall lounge, the Driscoll Center, or the Ritchie Center. I will not meet with my tutor at their residence or at my home under any circumstances. I will give my tutor 24 hour notice if I have a conflict with my scheduled appointment. If I disregard my responsibility to give my tutor 24 hour notice of a cancellation, it will be considered a No Show. After the second No Show, my tutorial privileges will be immediately revoked. 

By checking this box, I have read and understand all of my responsibilities associated with using Student-Athlete Support Services tutorial program. I understand this service is a privilege, and I will take full advantage of the service to enhance my academic success.

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