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Meet the Denver Women's Lacrosse Junior Class

Nov. 28, 2017

Not quite seniors, but not naïve to the college life and University of Denver women’s lacrosse program, the junior class has the potential to make a major impact for the Pioneers this season.

This year’s junior class features 10 student-athletes, including Elizabeth Behrins, Julia Feiss and Kendra Lanuza, three of last year’s top point scorers for Denver, and co-captain Katherine Fischer.

Geographically, the class spans across the country, from Groton, Mass., (Nicki Wilkinson) to Piedmont, Calif., (Maddie Baum) and Whitby, Ontario (Kennedy Milburn).  Three are from Maryland (Caroline Lewis, Kate Knott and Feiss), one is from Virginia (Audrey Schreck), New Jersey (Behrins), New York (Fischer) and one is a local product from Littleton, Colo. (Lanuza).

The class shared their thoughts on what they’ve learned in their time here at DU, their most memorable moments, as well as what they are most looking forward to this season.  Interestingly enough, there was some general consensus among the student-athletes on several of the questions.

1. What’s the biggest change to campus since you arrived?

MB (Maddie Baum): The biggest change to campus that I have noticed since I arrived has been how many more students have joined the community and how popular DU is becoming.

EB (Elizabeth Behrins):  Insomnia Cookies opened one block away from where some of my teammates and I live and I’m not sure if that is a blessing or a curse. Those cookies have already saved us multiple times from those late homework nights!

JF (Julia Feiss): I think the biggest noticeable change to DU since I arrived here has been the number of new faces on campus that I see each day. It is awesome to see a place that I love getting more and more attraction as the years go on. Even coming from the East Coast, I see and hear about so many new connections that I would have never known when I arrived here. That to me is a pretty rewarding thing.   

KF (Katherine Fischer): A prominent change to campus has been the physical attributes. The school has revitalized the international studies building, the creation of the science and engineering building, added a new turf field, and enhanced the fitness center, to name a few of the bigger projects completed. Aside from the great physical changes, it is great to see each of the following classes grow in population and diversity. The students are coming from all over the U.S. and the world, and are attracted to Denver for its great academics, athletics, proximity to the mountains, and excellent extracurricular programs.

KL (Kendra Lanuza): The biggest change to campus since I got here has been the new engineering building across campus.

CL (Caroline Lewis): The engineering building is probably the biggest change to campus since my freshman year.

KM (Kennedy Milburn): There are a lot of new buildings and cafes around campus that were not here when I arrived on campus.

KN (Kate Knott):  I think the biggest change to campus since I have arrived are the different restaurants that come and go around campus. 

AS (Audrey Schreck): The greatest change to campus that has occurred since I have been at DU was the addition of Insomnia Cookies!

NW (Nicki Wilkinson): Since I’ve been here, there have been a few new beautiful buildings put up on campus, but I’d say the addition of Insomnia Cookies has been a game changer. 

2. Highlight/favorite lacrosse memory from your time at DU:

EB: My favorite lacrosse memory so far from my time at DU is scoring the game-winner after a few overtimes against Louisville. From the start of the first overtime whistle I had no doubt we were going to win- it just took a bit longer than we expected! My Mom and three sisters were luckily here for that game cheering our team on in the stands and it couldn’t have been more special. 

MB: One of my favorite lacrosse memories from my time here at DU was when Ellie Knott broke the draw record last year at DU.

JF: My favorite lacrosse memory was last year when we beat Louisville in multiple overtimes. The game went so long that it turned dark and the field lights came on for the remainder of the second half and overtimes. Jumping into Elizabeth Behrins’ arms after she scored the game-winning goal and experiencing a tiring back-and-forth game was something I’ll never forget!

KF: My sophomore year, when I was injured, we had a great sideline crew that would celebrate every goal with a different “celly”. The injured kids took a lot of pride in that aspect of the game and made being on the sidelines a great opportunity to have an impact on the entire team. The memories made on the sideline were incredible and came to a pinnacle when we heard an opposing coach warn her players “watch out, the [DU] sideline gets really into the games” and that we can sway momentum.

KL: My favorite lacrosse memory from DU was in the BIG EAST quarterfinals when (Caitlin) Derry scored the game-winning goal against Georgetown to send us to the championship game. 

CL: So far my favorite lacrosse memory was probably our game against USC my freshman year where Layne (Voorhees) scored from the 30-yard line right before halftime.

KM: My favorite lacrosse memory from my time at DU was playing in the BIG EAST Conference Tournament last year.

KN: My favorite lacrosse memory was our senior day last year when my sister Ellie was a senior on the team.  We had a shutout and it was an overall good team win. It was an awesome way for such a great group of leaders to end their lacrosse careers on Peter Barton. 

AS: My favorite lacrosse memory was competing for a BIG EAST championship against Florida the first year we joined the BIG EAST Conference. 

NW: My favorite lacrosse memory has to be either our triple overtime win against Louisville, making it to the BIG EAST championship after a buzzer beater win against Georgetown, or Derry’s (Caitlin Derry) pregame dance moves. 

3. Favorite non-lacrosse memory from your time at DU:

EB: The DU hockey team winning a national championship! It was so awesome to see our friends do so well on the ice and lead the school to victory. All the DU spirit as the streets were being stormed reminded me how amazing this school is. 

MB: A favorite non-lacrosse memory that I have made in my time here was road-tripping from California to Colorado at the beginning of sophomore year with Elizabeth and Nicki.

JF:  My favorite non-lacrosse memory from my time here at DU was when my class went up to Aspen last winter and stayed at a family friend’s house. Despite the freezing temperatures and lack of time actually spent there, the mountains and Aspen itself were beautiful and it was an awesome way to all spend time together off-campus.

KF:  The summer following my sophomore year, I stayed in Denver for a few weeks following school closing where we lived at our friend’s family home. Although this seems like an average summer, we had so many people living in the house that it was always a good time. It was a big slumber party of a great mix of people. We had a professional athlete graduate student, current, former, younger and older lacrosse players, all living under the same roof enjoying the Denver summer. After a day filled with work, studying, and training everyone would come home relax and enjoy our time with one another. We’d “roll around on the floor”, as my friend Fin would say, for hours just listening to music or watching movies until it was time for bed and to wake up and do it all again the next day. It was a great summer and I’m grateful for our little family we created that summer.

KL: My favorite non-lacrosse memory at DU has been going and supporting all the other sporting events and teams here at DU.

CL: My favorite non-lacrosse memory is probably when I went to the Paint Mines in Colorado Springs with some of my teammates.

KM: My favorite non-lacrosse memory from my time at DU is meeting my best friend Lee Sport.

KN: I don't think I can choose a favorite non-lacrosse memory from my time at DU.  Everything we do as a class is always a good memory. We are all so close so anything we do together is so much fun.  If I had to choose one it would probably be over spring break when we decided to drive to the top of a look out in Boulder and it was sunny when we left but then we got lost and it started hailing. Definitely not one of our finer moments, but it made for a good memory. 

AS: My favorite non-lacrosse memory while I’ve been at DU was traveling to South Africa for a geography class. 

NW: My favorite non-lacrosse memory was watching our hockey team win the national championship last year. 

4. Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

EB: Ever since freshman year, I have been in charge of braiding a handful of my teammates’ hair. It keeps me relaxed and calm before game time! Kendra and I also run to the locker room at a specific time in our warm-ups every game to grab a little snack. 

MB: Hunter Gray, who graduated last year, made me eat a whole pack of Gushers before every game with her since I have been here. She was incredibly superstitious, so I’m planning on continuing her tradition with one of my freshmen teammates once season starts.

JF: Before games, you will never spot me without my Glacier Freeze Gatorade (and usually a cup of coffee). I am not as particular about the type of music I listen to or “getting in the zone,” but I am extremely reliant on my Gatorade to fuel me up each game.

KF: I do not have any pregame rituals, unfortunately. In high school, I had way too many superstitions and I was continually getting distracted by them all, so as I came to college athletics I made a conscious decision to remove all my rituals to allow me to play distraction-free.

KL: A pregame ritual that I have is running to the locker room at the end of warm-ups, like 15 minutes before the game, with Elizabeth Behrins to grab a snack. I also have oatmeal every game day.

CL: I personally don’t have a pregame ritual, but I always like listening to upbeat music and dancing with my teammates in the locker room before games.

KM: My pregame ritual includes putting eye black on Riley Eggeman, and she puts eye black on me.

KN: I think I have superstitions that come and go.  If I wore something for a game and we won then I will keep wearing it, but if we lose, I will change it up. 

AS:  My pregame ritual before each game is listening to the same song, “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.

NW: I always wear my stepbrother’s shirt to bed the night before game day. It definitely brings good juju.

5. What are you most looking forward to this year?

EB: I am beyond fortunate to be on a team with twenty-nine other girls that are actually like family to me, and now I even have my real sister on the team! I cannot wait to have (sister) Beatrice experience the spring season and learn how incredible it is being on a team with girls you would do anything for. 

MB: I’m looking forward to having a great season and overall great time with my best friends and exploring Colorado and South Africa with them this year.

JF: This year, I am most looking forward to connecting more with my teammates outside of lacrosse. My class is known to be a very tight-knit group, but I think our team this year has extreme potential and a lot of that stems from chemistry off of the field. Doing little activities with other classes, or even just going out and shooting after practice with other people is something I want to value a lot this year and am looking forward to doing! I want to be able to make the most of my college experience knowing that this is my second to last year, and part of that for me is enhancing relationships with more people.

KF: This year, although technically my (redshirt) junior year, will be my last year playing and living with the seniors, who I have been with for four years now. I am excited to have the opportunity to have another year playing, but will cherish every moment with my senior class. I’m excited to play and travel with the team and have a fun and successful year.

KL: This year I am most looking forward to playing Florida at home. 

CL: I'm looking forward to seeing how our team takes what we learned from the fall and improved on in preseason moving into our first game.  I think we have a lot of talent and athleticism as well as team chemistry.  I’m excited to see how far we can push ourselves and each other.

KM: This year, I am looking forward to making it to the BIG EAST Conference finals again.

KN: I think we have the potential to do some great things on and off the field this year.  We have a lot of young talent but also very strong leadership, so I am excited to see it all come together.  Our team is also very passionate about community service so I am excited to see the impact we can have in the community this year. 

AS: I am most looking forward to competing for a BIG EAST championship this year. 

NW: This year, I’m so excited to take the BIG EAST by storm and contend for the title. I think we have such a talented team this year and our off-field chemistry will give us an additional edge over our opponents. 



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Student-Athlete Alumni Giving Challenge:
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