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Women's Lacrosse to Feature New Rules in 2018

Dec. 8, 2017

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With the start of lacrosse season only two months away, the University of Denver women’s lacrosse team will soon start to get into full preparation mode.

However, perhaps unlike in previous years, there may be a little more attention paid to going back to the basics and the rules of the game.

In July, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a proposal to allow free movement in the women’s game, amongst other additional changes that will take effect this year.

According to the release, “The change is intended to improve the pace and flow of the game by allowing players to continue moving after the official blows the whistle. Previously, all players had to stop on the whistle.

“Under the new rule, players can keep moving after a foul or violation while the player possessing the ball restarts play. A 2-meter non-engagement area will be established around the player awarded possession of the ball.

“Players will be free to move outside the non-engagement area,” the release continued. “For violations of the non-engagement area, or delays clearing out of the non-engagement area, teams will receive one initial team warning. Subsequent violations and delays will result in a green card and immediate one-minute penalty.”

Also new is that if after a change of possession the defensive team commits three fouls before the offensive team crosses the restraining line into its attacking end,  the defending team will be assessed a one-minute penalty.

There will also be a change in the 8-meter free position, in that, “all shooting-space fouls and three-second violations, as well as all other fouls committed in the 8-meter arc, will result in an 8-meter free position for the offensive team. There will also be a new setup for 8-meter free positions that will permit the defensive team to position players at the hashes adjacent to the 8-meter free position. Excluding the offending player who is positioned behind the 8-meter free position, players will be permitted to move freely outside the 8-meter arc; however, players will not be permitted in the playing area below the hanging hashes to the dots.”

Another area that will see changes this season is how draws will be carried out.

“Each team will be allowed to have only three players enter the midfield area to gain possession of the ball on draws,” according to the NCAA release. “The remaining players must remain behind the restraining line until possession is established. Also, the two players who initially compete in the draw will be required to position their sticks parallel to and above the center line.”

Other areas that will be altered are goal interpretations, yellow cards and self-starts.

For goal interpretations, “if an official’s whistle is blown at the same time or immediately after a player releases a shot, a ball entering the net will be counted as a goal. If the goalkeeper saves the ball, the save will count. Also, if a shot is released before the game clock expires and the ball crosses the goal line, it will count as a goal. Previously, the ball had to cross the goal line before time expired to count as a goal.”

When it comes to yellow cards, on a team’s fourth yellow card, the offending player is sent off to serve a two-minute non-releasable penalty. After that point, there will be a penalty for each subsequent yellow card.

Finally, “players will be permitted to self-start in the final two minutes of each half and during overtime.  Players also will be permitted to self-start if the ball goes out of bounds on the end line or sideline.”

You can see the Pioneers and the new rules in action starting Feb. 10 when they play Stanford in their opening game at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium at 1 p.m. MT. Denver will have a total of nine home games this season, five non-conference and four BIG EAST matchups.

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