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Jan. 26, 2017

The Denver Women’s Tennis team continues its 2017 season this weekend at an ITA Kick-Off Regional Tournament in Ann Arbor, Mich. The Lady Pioneers will be in a group with Michigan, Syracuse and Mississippi State; the winner of the group will be invited to play in the Feb. 10-13 ITA National Team Indoor Championship in New Haven, Connecticut.

The full weekend schedule for matches being held at U-M’s Varsity Tennis Center can be found below:

Saturday, Jan. 28

Michigan vs. Denver, 10 a.m. ET

Mississippi State vs. Syracuse, 2 p.m. ET

Sunday, Jan. 29

Consolation Match, 10 a.m. ET

Championship Match, 2 p.m. ET

Ranked Singles Players

No. 20 -- Kate Fahey (U-M)

No. 27 -- Jasmine Lee (Miss. St.)

No. 38 -- Valeria Salazar Garza (Syracuse)



No. 60 -- Alex Najarian (U-M)

No. 78 -- Chiara Lommer (U-M)

No. 80 -- Brienne Minor (U-M)

No. 99 -- Gabriela Knutson (Syracuse)

No. 108 -- Bianca Mok (Denver)

Ranked Doubles Teams

No. 4 -- Kate Fahey/Alex Najarian (U-M)

No. 5 -- Jasmine Lee/Lisa Marie Rioux (Miss. St.)

No. 10 -- Gabriela Knutson/Valeria Salazar Garza (Syracuse)

No. 13 -- Julia O'Loughlin/Maureen Slattery (Denver)

No. 29 -- Brienne Minor/Mira Ruder-Hook (U-M)


LINKS: Live Scoring/Video | Kick-Off Central | ITA Site



Each team match will be a contest for the best of seven team points. Doubles action will begin immediately with no warmup, so fans are encouraged to arrive on time for matches. In addition, each doubles match will be one set to six, with a tiebreaker occurring at 6-all. The team that wins two-of-three matches will secure the doubles point. Following a five-minute intermission, singles action will begin with each match worth one point towards the team score. There will be no-ad scoring in both singles and doubles action. In addition, there is to be no noise made between first and second serves this season as part of new ITA sportsmanship guidelines. During the ITA Kick-Off, matches in progress when the dual match is clinched will be abandoned.


The No. 1 team in each site will face the No. 4 team. The No. 2 team will face the No. 3 team. Two matches are guaranteed -- the winners/losers will play the following day. The 15 schools that win both of their matches at these events will be invited to play in the Feb. 10-13 ITA National Team Indoor Championship in New Haven, Connecticut.



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