Women's Volleyball


Alumni Q&A: Kathleen Holmes

Oct. 17, 2017

1. Where are you now/What are you doing?
I'm currently living in Minnesota with my husband and our two sons (Wyatt, 2, and Wagner, 4 months). I work in leadership development for Microsoft and am also an executive/leadership coach.

2. Last time you touched a volleyball/Where?
Before moving to Minnesota, I played on a USAV team in Seattle. I think the last time I played was with that team at USAV Open Nationals in 2014 (right before I got pregnant). Our team is going to play again in the 40+ division next spring!

3. When’s the last time you were back on campus?
I can't even remember, it's been a long time! Maybe 2006... 

4. What’s the biggest change to campus since you graduated? 
The Ritchie Center. When I was recruited in 1995, one of the selling points was that I'd get to play in the new facility by the time I was a junior. Unfortunately the center opened the year after I graduated. We made do with what we had, but it's nothing in comparison to what today's players have! 

5. Highlight/favorite volleyball memory from your time at DU: 
I don't have one singular highlight, but I'd say all of our road trips. We'd have so much fun together on the buses/planes/hotels/wherever. I just remember laughing A LOT. 

6. Favorite non-volleyball memory from your time at DU:
Life in Gamma Phi Beta. At the time, half of our team were members of the different sororities on campus and it gave me an opportunity to expand my leadership and campus engagement outside of athletics. 

7. How would you summarize your time at DU? 
My time at DU was everything I had hoped it would be. When I walked on campus on my recruiting trip, I had a feeling in my gut that this was the place for me, and it really was. I was able to play the sport that I loved, get an incredible education, and join all sorts of different clubs and organizations. It laid a foundation for who I have become today. 

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
In 10 years, I'll probably be running around to different sporting events here in Minnesota (who knows, maybe I can get the boys into volleyball?). 

9. What advice do you have for the current Pioneers about being a volleyball player and student-athlete at DU? 
Being a student-athlete is a tremendous privilege. Remember that, stay humble, and take advantage of all the opportunities that being a student-athlete opens up to you. Oh, and always, always, always do your summer workouts! 

10. What advice do you have for the current Pioneers about life after college? 
College can be an amazing experience, and the best years of your life are still to come! Make the most of your experience, and let that be the way you live your life after you graduate--even though there's nothing quite like the feeling of roofing an opponent with a block, or making an incredible defensive save, you'll find new ways to create that energy. And if you're lucky, you can find a team and play well into your "master" years.





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