Denver Pioneers Group Tickets

To place a group ticket order or to get answers regarding your next group outing, please contact DU Box Office at or 303.871.2336.

Group Tickets
Sport Individual 20-99 100+  
Men's & Women's Soccer $5 $3 $3  
Volleyball $7 $5 $5  
Men's Lacrosse Varies Varies Varies Please Call
Gymnastics $9 $6 $4 Premium Prices
May Apply
Women's Basketball - Lower Bowl $8 $6 $4  
Women's Basketball - Courtside $12 $8 $6  
Men's Basketball - Upper Bowl $9 $6 $4  
Men's Basketball - Lower Bowl $12 $9 $7  
Hockey - Upper End $15 $12 $10 Premium Prices
May Apply
Hockey - Lower End, Upper West $24 $21 $19 Premium Prices
May Apply

Denver Pioneers Fan Experiences

Fundraising with the Pioneers - Looking to raise money for your organization or club? Here's how it works: you pick a game to sell tickets for and DU sells or consigns you the number of tickets you think you can sell for that game. Your group sells tickets for full price and when you sell between 20 and 99 tickets you will make $3.00 on every ticket. When you sell 100 or more tickets you'll make $5.00 per ticket sold. It's that easy, sell 100 tickets and you've already raised $500 for your group. Participating groups must not be of recruitable age.

Locker Room Tours - Ever wanted to see where Division I athletes get ready and hear amazing pep talks from their coaches before the big game?  Denver Pioneer locker room tours are available for your group with advanced scheduling through the DU Box Office. at 303.871.2336.  

Halftime/Intermission Games - Does your team have what it takes to play in front of the Pioneers home crowd?  If so contact the DU Box Office at 303.871.2336 to schedule an inter-squad scrimmage or play a cross-town rival.  Opportunities are extremely limited; call soon to book your game.

Pre-Game Ceremonies - The Pioneers are looking for music groups, bands and school choirs to join the in-game entertainment and get the game started on a great note.  A prescreening audition is required, but if you pass the test, your group can take part in the opening game ceremonies!   

Present the Colors - Round up your pack, troop or group and showcase this nation's colors during the Color Guard performance before a Pioneers game.  

Additional Opportunities - Contact the DU Box Office at 303.871.2336 for all requests early as space is limited and organization is needed.

*All elements of involvement are extremely limited and require in-depth organization, so please call the DU Box Office at 303.871.2336 early to book your Pioneers in-game experience.  Minimum ticket purchase maybe required.


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